Our founder Dr. Pedro Longart has vast experience with the import-export business, owning a bricks-and mortar wholesale export-import business in the 1990s. After becoming an academic in the 2000s, he noticed that many of his students had business ideas or had their own businesses. He also found in his network, and during visits to other countries, potential exporters of many countries in the world who wanted to get into foreign markets but lacked the ways of doing it. Then he came with the idea, to leave a day-to-day academic job and pursue his dream of developing a company able to help exporters and at the same time delight customers with products that will add value to their lives (see our values). 

Dr Enrico Dassen is our COO and medical advisor for equipment, consumables which can be imported and exported globally. This to maintain the high standard of product lines which can contribute for upgrading quality of care in your clinic / hospital. He gained profound insight and accrued expertise in the field of Global import and export serving different posts in Europe , Middle East and the Caribbean.

The company is named after the Southern Hemisphere. Del Sur means from the South in Spanish. Being a UAE company, with a global perspective, it is our interest to link the north with the south. Therefore, we both import and export products from the northern hemisphere, particularly Europe to and from the Southern hemisphere, starting with the Middle East and South America.