DIGISTAIN® – Risk profiling test for hormone receptor-positive breast cancer.

Digistain is a rapid personalised breast cancer treatment Decision Making. This innovation from the UK, provides much faster breast cancer treatment. It provides the best decision-making data to physicians, reducing time to treatment and enabling personalised critical care. It helps find the best course of treatment and whether cytotoxic therapy in addition to hormone therapy is required.

This clinical aid is best in class predictive power with clinical evidence equivalent to leading NICE approved tumour profiling tests. It also significantly lowers cost per biopsy test than first-generation risk scoring providers.

Quick, clear, actionable data

Delivering radically faster breast cancer treatment decision-making for physicians and patients – reducing actionable treatment decision times from months and weeks to < 1 hour

Reduction in patient waiting times
Overall cost reduction through avoided chemotherapy
Multi-site reproducibility with routinely trained lab technicians

Trusted by Prominent Cancer Hospitals Across The UK

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