our values

Del Sur Import-Export was created with the consumer in mind. Our products must be of the highest quality, and some of them must solve critical problems for consumers or being life savers. This is a private company that will remain private because the interest of their shareholder is not profit for the sake of profit, or growth for the sake of growth.  We apply the Triple Bottom Line regarding how we conduct our business in a sustainable manner. First, we consider ourselves, our employees and we have an economic responsibility because that is the basis for achieving our do-good goals. Secondly, we consider the communities where we operate and the world society. We strive to provide employment and a livelihood to talented people all over the world who need an opportunity, to small entrepreneurs who want to grow and also provide employment. Thirdly, it is our interest to be environmentally friendly. In all cases, we try to reduce and mitigate our environmental impact, acknowledging the fact that we need to transport products between continents. Obviously, some products, particularly those ones in which time is important to save a life or alleviate suffering, we will need to use air freight.